• Audit
  • Tax services
  • Advisory Services
  • Other Services
  • Due Diligence


The audit services offered by us are based completely on international audit standards and on common good practices and can as a whole divided in:

  • Independent financial audit of individual and consolidated financial statements based on the following stages;
    • Acquisition of knowledge in business, which is audited, both in terms of its external influence and internal organization, as well as in relation to main business risks;
    • Risk assessment of significant omissions, errors and deficiencies; testing the effectiveness of internal controls in order to prevent these risks;
    • Choosing appropriate procedures in order to obtain evidence of substantial assertion of correctness of the financial statements;
    • Formation of opinion and reporting based on international auditing standards and applicable law.
  • Compilation of accounting information, analyses;
  • Consolidation;
  • Company’s internal audit.

Procedures offered by us aim to help costumers to identify the existing business risk and directions for its management, to identify problem areas and to show the hidden opportunities of the particular business. This ultimately leads to increased efficiency and allows our customers to focus on developing its core business.

Tax services

The effectively and timely tax consultation or proper tax planning could not only optimize the costs of taxes but to give real advantage to competitive business. Based on this philosophy and in compliance with all regulations we offer advices and preparation of opinions on tax legislation and its effective implementation.

The advices on the effects of direct and indirect taxes as well as the possible manifestations on our client’s business may be determined in following directions:

  • Tax Planning
  • Corporate Taxes
  • Personal Taxes
  • Local Taxes and Fees
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Advice regarding VAT
  • Advices regarding the implementation of agreements on avoidance of double taxation
  • Customs Procedures
  • Excise duties and excise warehouses


In NIBOS, we continuously monitor changes in local tax legislation applicable standards, together with the common good business practices. In case of need we can inform you in due time about important changes in particular business and to offer effective ways of managing it.

Advisory Services

The large amount available information can quite often confuse and mislead even trained managers. We can help you with our professional advices in the areas of:

  • Starting business
  • Corporate Analyses
  • Business Plans
  • Preparation of legal, financial and economic analyses of customer condition
  • Implementation of appropriate software
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Restructuring


Our advices will help you to make informed decisions and to improve effectively management processes of your business.

Other Services

In view of the more flexible management of your business we can offer a number of services to assist you in becoming acquainted with the administrative procedures.

  • Providing administrative address
  • On-line banking
  • Tax documents and certificates
  • Reporting to BNB
  • Preparation of contracts and other documents
  • Commercial and tax registrations and re-registrations  

Due Diligence

An appropriate understanding of the business, its activities, its markets and its main dynamics are of paramount importance for the proper implementation of due diligence analysis. The transaction advisory services provided can generally be divided into:
   - Financial and tax due diligence. An overview of the business and past performance of the business, as well as its future prospects. This helps to accurately predict forecasts as well as to identify issues that could affect the future performance of the business.
- Due Dilligence initiated by the company. The major benefits for the company include both the ability to detect significant problems at an early stage and add credibility to the facts, figures and information provided in official reports and presentations.
- Commercial Deuces. The future revenue of each business is significantly influenced by its market environment, and the merchant due diligence has become a significant part of the decision-making process. It provides a solid insight into the current position and future prospects of the company through a full analysis and assessment of the business and market dynamics surrounding the business.
- Operational Due Diligence. Provides an overview of a company's business operations by assessing its actual and forecast operating capabilities and price base to determine whether the company can implement its business plan. The process can identify opportunities for operational improvement, calculate the cost of improvement, and develop a plan to realize its benefits.